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Painting of number 5 green surrounded by brook.

The Saranac Lake Golf Club started as a nine-hole golf course in 1919 on Meadowbrook Farm, which George V.W. Duryee had developed as a model dairy during TB days; the land was originally the Daniel Ames Farm of an early North Elba settler. William H. Scopes, George L. Starks, W. C. Leonard, Andrew W. Callanan, William Morris, Eddy Whitby, Walter H. Cluett, Andrew W. Callanan, Charles F. Roberson and Edwin R. Stonaker were founding members. Known for a short time as the Meadow Brook Course, it was designed by Alex H. Findlay, aided by Scott North, the course's first golf professional. In 1938 the Works Progress Administration began work on a second nine holes, but stopped after completing six of them due to the imminence of World War II. That area is now the site of the club's driving range and practice facility.

The Club is owned by it's members and operated by a board of directors, which meets several times each year. The current board members are:
Bob Breen
Vice President
Larry Bourey
Sandy Gagnon
Scott Smith
Board Members
Kathy Clark
Dean Baker
Ryan Murray
Ron Bowler
Jared Wilcox

More information on the history of the Saranac Lake Golf Club is available at the Historic Saranac Lake wiki..

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